What’s in a Veterinary Wellness Workup?

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While a yearly wellness exam may seem unnecessary if your cat or dog appears to be healthy, a wealth of information is discovered about your pet’s health during these routine visits. Thorough physical examinations alone may not detect diseases, and yearly lab tests are a safe way to catch illnesses in their early stages so [...]

Diabetes in Pets

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Diabetes—also called diabetes mellitus—is a disease that affects the body’s ability to use nutrients to make energy. When energy production occurs properly, the food eaten by your pet is broken down into basic nutrients, such as glucose, that are absorbed into the bloodstream. From the blood, glucose is transported inside cells, where it is made [...]

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

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Benefits of Spay and Neuter One of the most common things a client asks a veterinarian is “Should I spay or neuter my pet?”. Female: If you have no intentions of breeding a pet in the future, then yes. Spaying dogs decreases the likelihood of mammary tumors, prevents unwanted puppies, eliminates the risk for a [...]

A Scary Syndrome…Seizures. Let’s get you informed!

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What is a seizure? In the brain cells called neurons fire like electrical signals to run the entire body. In a seizure a group of these neurons start sending these signals all at once without a purpose or direction. The end result is typically generalized shaking/tremors, paddling, vocalizing or urination/defecation. This is called a grand [...]

My dog has an ear infection…..AGAIN! So what gives??

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My dog has an ear infection…..AGAIN!  So what gives?? Ear infections are one of the most common things that we as veterinarians treat on a daily basis.  Ear infections are painful, itchy and basically just stink (literally)! Ear infections are not very common in people, usually affecting children and rarely adults, but dogs have recurrent [...]

What are Bladder Tumors in Dogs? and how can you test for them…

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Ultrasound of a Urinary Bladder in a Dog, the red circle is around a bladder mass.   Cancer detection tests are not common in veterinary medicine for a variety of reasons, but fortunately this is a large area of research right now. The ability to use less invasive tests to detect cancer earlier [...]

Cancer Treatment for a Pet: What Does It Mean?

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There are a variety of treatment options available for pets diagnosed with cancer. The following is a general overview of the most common treatment options. The cost, specific schedule, and number of treatments varies depending on the type and location of cancer, so your veterinarian can provide specific details based on your pet’s case. Surgery [...]