Personalized Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Shreveport, LA

At University Veterinary Hospital, protecting your pet is important to us. With personalized vaccinations geared towards their core and lifestyle needs, we can minimize the threat of lethal viruses like rabies and distemper, and ensure a healthier and possibly longer life for your pet. Because we are an AAHA accredited hospital, we recommend and administer cat and dog vaccines in full compliance with AAHA guidelines. But while there are certain vaccines we strongly recommend for all our patients, we also strive to tailor your pet’s vaccination protocol to their individual needs.

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What Vaccines Do We Recommend for Dogs & Cats?

Below are the vaccines we recommend for pets, based on AAHA’s current guidelines. Core vaccines are considered essential for every pet, while additional vaccines can be given based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk of exposure to certain pathogens.

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Why We Personalize Your Pet’s Vaccinations

One size does not fit all, and your pet’s health benefits most from a personally tailored vaccination protocol. Giving your pet more vaccines than they need can put their health at risk. We are also aware that some dogs and cats may have medical reasons for not taking a certain vaccine. Our doctors conduct a thorough examination of your pet and review their health and medical history before recommending or administering any vaccines.

Giving your dog or cat the vaccines they need, and no more, ensures they have the fullest protection possible without the risk of over-vaccination. If you want to know more about vaccines and what your pet may need to stay healthy, contact us at (318) 797-5522 or request an appointment to update their boosters!