Advanced Pet Dental Care in Shreveport, LA

Our team is extremely passionate about small animal dentistry. This passion gives UVH the ability to provide advanced pet dental care in Shreveport to treat and prevent a host of oral health problems in dogs and cats.

Contact us at (318) 797-5522 to find out more, or request an appointment for an oral assessment!

Dog Dental

Our Advanced Dental Care Services

We offer a range of advanced dental services at UVH, including:

  • Oral ATP – Assessment, Treatment, and Plan/Prevention
  • Extractions (when necessary)
  • Periodontal pocket therapy
  • Gingival surgeries
  • Oral mass/tumor removals
  • Jawbone resections (neoplasia)
  • Jawbone fracture repair

Our dental team can also provide tooth restorations for uncomplicated tooth fractures and root canals (endodontic therapy) for complicated fractures.

Dog Dental
Looking At Dogs Mouth

How We Perform Oral Exams and Other Dental Procedures

University Veterinary Hospital uses state-of-the-art teeth cleaning equipment for every patient. This includes IM3 air compressed low-speed and high-speed machines, a 42-12 subgingival ultrasonic scaler, and Schick digital radiography.

We obtain full-mouth radiographs during every Oral ATP procedure. Digital radiographs are essential for a comprehensive assessment of your pet’s oral health, providing excellent resolution and precise detail of any existing or potential problems occurring below the gum line. Radiographs help to facilitate the diagnosis and timely treatment of unhealthy and painful oral conditions such as abscessed teeth, bone resorption, and jaw fractures.

If your dog or cat is living with potential periodontal disease or some other severe oral condition, contact us at (318) 797-5522. Our skilled veterinary team will answer all your questions and perform a detailed assessment to make sure your pet receives the care they deserve.