Minimally Invasive Pet Surgery and Diagnostics in Shreveport, LA

UVH offers a variety of highly advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic procedures and surgeries for dogs and cats. These fall into the category of endoscopy, a technique that involves inserting a rigid or flexible endoscope into an orifice or incision to perform a diagnostic evaluation, collect a biopsy, or do surgery. Our goal is to provide treatment that results in minimal discomfort, less down time, and less stress for our patients.

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What are the Benefits of Veterinary Endoscopy?

Performing procedures with an endoscope means our patients can experience less pain, minimal recovery time, and fewer complications. In many cases, endoscopic procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, which is a less painful and traumatic option for both the patient and owner.

Endoscopic techniques have been developed in many areas of veterinary endoscopy to offer you and your pet less invasive alternatives to traditional open surgery.

Checking Dogs Leg

Types of Endoscopic Procedures

Below are some of the endoscopic procedures our doctors can perform here at UVH.