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red eyes in dogs in Shreveport, LA

Understanding the Causes of Red Eyes in Dogs

There’s nothing quite as heart-melting as looking into your dog’s expressive eyes. They say eyes are windows to the soul, and in our furry friends, this statement holds profoundly true. But what if those eyes appear red and irritated? If you’ve been wondering, “Why does my dog have red eyes?”, you’re in the right place.…

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dog limping in Shreveport, LA

The Causes and Solutions for Dog Limping

Dog limping, also known as canine lameness, is a common issue faced by many dogs and their concerned owners. It’s critical to understand the causes, signs, and solutions to provide the best care for our four-legged friends. The team at University Veterinary Hospital in Shreveport, LA is here to guide you through this process. Causes…

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