Rehab devices. . . a little help!

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Assistive Devices!! To aid patients in ambulation we sometimes use assistive devices that help promote independent locomotion. Humans use devices like can, crutches, braces and prosthesis to assist in use of walking and getting around easier. In recent years more devices have been conceived to help our canine partners in similar ways. We can help [...]

Heat Stroke…be educated…be prepared!

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The temperature is rising and so are the stakes for your pets! With the spring weather in full effect and summer just a short time away, it is important to realize what this can mean for your furry family members and how to safeguard them from the dangers of summer. Our doggy friends don’t deal [...]

Zoey Part 8… She is doing GREAT!!!

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Zoey has had many changes since the start of her stim cell therapy and rehabilitation. Her owner has notice many big changes in her daily activities. The biggest on is more ENERGY, so much that she is chasing the neighbor’s dog on the other side of the fence. Owner has admitted to missing the days [...]

Bunny Bunny…I want a Bunny!!

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How long do rabbits live? 8-12 years with good care. What do rabbits eat? Unlike Dogs and cats buying a bag of rabbit food is not providing a healthy diet. Diet is extremely important to keep a rabbit healthy and happy. A balanced diet should be composed of the following: 75% Timothy hay available at [...]

Not that kind of donut!! Part 7 of Zoey’s Stem Cell Therapy Journey

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Zoey on Treadmill and Physio ball!! Zoey has been working hard during her rehabilitation sessions. Every session we are increasing time and degree of difficulty of her exercises. Zoey’s owner has also noticed the improvement in that she is rushing out the door to go outside and play…. that is right…PLAY! One of her exercises [...]

17 – 48… What do you think that means??

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Gator man here – How has your week been? Mine has been awesome!! What happened to my dirt pile in front?? Yeah – that’s right! Parking lot!! I got a new ball! (representing my place…UVH) Over the years of working at the current UVH, we have heard from many of you that we don’t have [...]

Fleas…Love Louisiana!!

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THE FLEA Did you know that about 5% of the flea population is the adult? YIKES!! The eggs, larva and pupa stages are much more numerous! The Flea Life Cycle: there are four parts to the life cycle of the flea: Adult Egg Larva Pupa The pupa, like a cocoon, houses the adult flea until [...]

Can you run under water??? UVHvets is almost ready!!

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A Water Treadmill is on its way to UVH… The new facility is getting closer to being finished. What this means is that UVH Physical Rehabilitation is growing too. One of the rooms that will be added is a water treadmill room. I am so excited about this and can’t wait to tell everyone. There [...]