Gator Man had a Doctor’s Excuse!

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Hey there buddies… well I know I have been MIA the past few weeks. Just so much has been happening at the Project that I'm worn out when I get home and just want to sleep next to my tennis ball after a eat my dinner! So you know my mom loves teeth and takes [...]

Dirty Mouth…Clean it up…Then KEEP it Healthy!!

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UVHvets prides itself on progressive and preventative medicine…and our approach to oral health for your pets is all about HOME CARE!! Yes, we know that you know that you should brush your pets teeth daily… But, did you know that we know that it is hard to do… Nothing will replace as needed professional cleanings. [...]

Zoey starts Rehabilitation @ UVH!!

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Zoey Part Four… Zoey Starts Rehabilitation!! A major necessity to a successful recovery! Zoey is staring physical therapy program that is going to include cold laser treatments and treadmill workouts. Her first day of rehabilitation involves evaluation her orthopedic parameters. This includes how she walks, range of motion of her joints, and the amount of [...]

Zoey gets her Stem Cells!!

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Zoey’s Story Part 3… Zoey stems cells arrived from the lab in California 48 hours after they were harvested and were ready to be injected into her hip joints. She was given a light sedation to relax her. The hair was shaved around her hip joints and then cleaned with surgical scrub. In a sterile [...]

Come On Up…My Stairs!!

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Hello there friends…Hoping you have had a great holiday season… Super pumped to tell you that I did not get lumps of coal. I mean it was a pretty close call… I received tennis balls, this super long skinny tennis ball thingy that my mom and dad throw into the lake and I belly flop [...]

Litter Box 101 with Dr. Spivey

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It’s a topic that we as feline lovers shy away from. That one dirty little secret that we try our best to hide….The litter box. Well here are some tips to make that dirty little secret a thing of the past so we can focus on the joys of being owned by our feline friends. [...]

My Pet is Allergic to Food???

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Food Allergies are a real thing and often overlooked and under treated… What are the signs of a food allergy in dogs and cats? In people food allergy commonly is associated with gastrointestinal upset. This is uncommon in our pets and only about 10-15% will have GI signs with an allergy GI signs: Frequent bowel [...]

Zoey’s Stem Cell Collection day…

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Zoey’s Stem Cell Journey Part 2… Zoey came in for surgery to remove adipose tissue (fat) that contains stems cells that we will send to the lab. Dr. Adam sedated her and she underwent general anesthesia in a surgical procedure to remove fat tissue from her abdomen. This procedure only took several minutes and she [...]

Naughty or Nice…

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Santa came…to UVH!!! UVH invited all animals to come to The Cottage @ UVH to meet Santa…and raise awareness and funds for Paws 4 Life!! There were so many friends that came – cats and dogs and a super cool bearded dragon named Lewis! My mom and grandma worked really hard on making a great [...]

Zoey’s Stem Cell Story…

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Zoey’s Stem Cell Journey Part 1… Meet Zoey!! a wonderful 6 year old Australian Shepard that is undergoing treatment for severe osteoarthritis (OA). Her owner noticed that she wasn’t able to jump on the couch and was not active for her breed or age, so she brought her in for Dr. Adam Foret to exam. [...]