Fleas…Love Louisiana!!

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THE FLEA Did you know that about 5% of the flea population is the adult? YIKES!! The eggs, larva and pupa stages are much more numerous! The Flea Life Cycle: there are four parts to the life cycle of the flea: Adult Egg Larva Pupa The pupa, like a cocoon, houses the adult flea until [...]

Can you run under water??? UVHvets is almost ready!!

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A Water Treadmill is on its way to UVH… The new facility is getting closer to being finished. What this means is that UVH Physical Rehabilitation is growing too. One of the rooms that will be added is a water treadmill room. I am so excited about this and can’t wait to tell everyone. There [...]

Zoey loves to Boogie…Part 6 of her Stem Cell Therapy Journey

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Zoey does Cavaletti poles and Balance Board! Some of the physical exercises that Zoey completes during her rehabilitation session includes Cavaletti poles and Balance Board. Unlike people, it is harder for us to ask our pets to use certain muscles to flex and move her joints so we have specialized equipment to help us. When [...]

Is snoring normal for your dog?

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Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome Does your dog commonly snore while sleeping or snort when excited? What is brachycephalic airway syndrome? Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome is a group of inherited characteristics that cause restriction of normal air movement and breathing. The 4 components of this syndrome are stenotic nares (narrow nostrils), elongated soft palate (blocks the epiglottis, preventing [...]

Can a Cat catch a Virus?? a must read…

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Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are two of the most devastating contagious viruses seen in cats. Both viruses compromise the immune system causing poor health, frequent infections, blood disorders and cancer at any age. What is FeLV? Feline Leukemia Virus is a highly contagious virus that replicates within the body with [...]

We will – We will . . . Sheet Rock!

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Howdy Folks. Gator Man here. Project UVH is Rock N Rollin’ – This week had major progress with the outside plaster work and I gave the orders to start with sheet rock inside. It is crazy how I have been running through walls – literally between the studs. BUT now there are halls and door [...]

Can you say STUD? . . . Gator Man!!

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Oh you thought I was calling myself a stud. I mean my momma says Im “pretty pretty pretty” in this special voice that makes me melt to the ground…but I was talking about the Studs in the walls at Project UVH!! Have I told you I love my crew??? You may not see a ton [...]

Zoey Starts Physiotherapy @ UVH

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Zoey Girl and Her Rehab… Part 5 Zoey’s physical rehabilitation will include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and Cold Laser treatment to speed and enhance recovery from her osteoarthritis in her hips. This multimodal approach will allow Zoey to have optimal pain relief while increasing her muscle mass and improving her range of motion. Her manual [...]