Zoey’s Stem Cell Journey Part 1…

Meet Zoey!! a wonderful 6 year old Australian Shepard that is undergoing treatment for severe osteoarthritis (OA). Her owner noticed that she wasn’t able to jump on the couch and was not active for her breed or age, so she brought her in for Dr. Adam Foret to exam.

When Zoey came in Dr. Adam did an orthopedic exam that showed that she has a decrease range of motion in hips along with pain in her lower back. He recommended radiographs (x-rays). What he found was not great news. The images revealed that Zoey had severe hip dysplasia with secondary degenerative joint disease (DJD) in both hips. There was also moderate amount of spinal degeneration. Dr. Adam diagnosed Zoey with Osteoarthritis in both hips secondary to her hip dysplasia.

To treat her Osteoarthritis, Zoey was put on variety of pain meds and joint protectants including an anti-inflammatory. However at her young age, more options of therapy were discussed. It was decided that she would be a good candidate to undergo stem cell therapy to treat the degenerative joint disease. Then after her stem cell therapy she will start physiotherapy including cold laser treatment and working on the treadmill.

I decided to follow her journey through these novel treatments and let you also follow her progress. The next step in her treatment will be collecting and giving Zoey her stem cells.

Stay tuned for more of Zoey’s Rehab Story!!

Thanks – Cindi, RVT, CCRP

Here she is!!!