Zoey Girl and Her Rehab… Part 5

Zoey’s physical rehabilitation will include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and Cold Laser treatment to speed and enhance recovery from her osteoarthritis in her hips. This multimodal approach will allow Zoey to have optimal pain relief while increasing her muscle mass and improving her range of motion.

Her manual therapy will involve stretching and Range of Motion in her pelvic limbs. These exercises increase flexibility, improve absorption of nutrients in the joints, prevent adhesions between muscles and help prevent further injuries to joints and surrounding tissue. Stretching is like what we do before exercise, but I have to manually hold the leg and perform the stretch by pushing against the joints. I only go to the point of where she is comfortable and hold for 15- 30 seconds. Range of motion involves me moving the joints in a natural movement without the patient’s involvement.

I use several types of therapeutic exercises to help with strength, balance, endurance and help improve gait. The first session involves her getting use to some of the equipment that we will be using. She will only spend several minutes getting off and on, going over and around the equipment. Some of the apparatus that we will be using is balance boards, cavaletti rails, physioballs and land treadmill. I want her to be comfortable with the new items – sight and smell and feel.

I end her session with Cold Laser treatment. The Cold Laser is a low level laser that help increase cellar functions through photobiomodulation (using light to stimulate cells). This helps to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and repair tissue.

In the coming weeks I will get more into what each therapeutic excises involves and why it is going to be used to help Zoey recover.

So far we are very impressed with her improvement in character – Mom reports that she never new Zoey could act like a puppy!! WOW!

Stay tuned…I look forward to sharing her journey with all of you!

– Cindi RVT CCRP


Some of the equipment that is used for therapeutic exercises including land treadmill, balance board, cavaletti rails and two types of physioballs (bone and doughnut).


Zoey is a little unsure of the doughnut physioball.