Zoey has had many changes since the start of her stim cell therapy and rehabilitation. Her owner has notice many big changes in her daily activities. The biggest on is more ENERGY, so much that she is chasing the neighbor’s dog on the other side of the fence. Owner has admitted to missing the days when Zoey is laying around the house and is more quite, but is so happy that Zoey is feeling better!! Remember she is only two!

To measure her results and to make sure is progressing I took some measurements at Zoey’s first rehabilitation session. Even though we can observe that she is doing better I also want hard evidence that she is improving. The first measurement that I take is her pain score. When she first started she was a 3 out 4 (4 being severe pain) and now she is at a 1 out 4, meaning that she has very mild pain in both hips. I also evaluated how she walks and when she first came in December she had slight lameness. Now she walks and stands bearing weight on BOTH back limbs.

The other measurements I gathered was the girth of her muscle mass in both rear legs. Her right limb was 35 cm around and left limb was 36.5 cm. She has had incredible improvement in that both limbs that now measure 37 cm! This not only means that she has gained muscle mass but also is using both rear limbs equally. Literally…Rehab has grown muscle!!
I also evaluated her range of motion with a goniometer. She also had impressive results in both hips. Her right hip had 30 degrees of flexion and 140 degrees of extension (normal is 50 and 162 degrees) in December. Now she has 32 degrees of flexion and 150 degrees of extension in that right hip. Even though it is not normal it’s a vast improvement from where she started out. In the left hip she had 43 degrees of flexion and 155 degrees of extension and now she has 38 degrees of flexion and 165 degrees of extension. She did not improve in flexion of the left hip but her extension of that hip is normal now.

Zoey still is in physiotherapy. With osteoarthritis there is a LONG TERM commitment in keeping her pain free and to be able to her energetic self. We will gradually reduce the amount of times she comes in for rehabilitation till we can maintain a low level of pain and high activity level. Her owner will continue to exercise her at home and keep on osteoarthritis medication. She may also have flare ups causing lameness and at that time we will increase her frequency that she comes in for physiotherapy and Cold Laser Treatments.


Her mom is thrilled and wanted to share some pictures of her girl running at home!!

Way to go mom and Zoey!
Until next time – Cindi, RVT CCRP

Run girl Run!!!


I’m about to catch up little sis!