Zoey’s Story Part 3…

Zoey stems cells arrived from the lab in California 48 hours after they were harvested and were ready to be injected into her hip joints. She was given a light sedation to relax her. The hair was shaved around her hip joints and then cleaned with surgical scrub. In a sterile procedure, Dr. Adam Foret used a special syringe with a needle that had the stems cells from the lab and placed them directly into the hip joint where Zoey has such bad disease. Each hip received its own injection. A third and last injection of stem cells was given through her intravenous (IV) catheter.

The next step on Zoey’s journey is to have Physiotherapy and Cold Laser Treatments with me at UVH. Her first session will involve her getting measurements – like muscle mass size and range of motion of her hips. So there is a lot to come and I will keep updating you on Zoey’s progress.

Thanks for follwing her Stem Cell Journey! – Cindi RVT, CCRP

Zoey getting her stem cells.

Zoey is prepped by shaving and cleaning the area around her hip.