Man do I have a lot to tell you.

The rain has stopped and we are back in action on the outside.

All of the windows are installed! BOW WOW WOW!

We have had a delay with all of the door frames – so those are on hold for right now. But that’s okay. It is allowing me to focus on a few other things!

Brick – seriously. This crew works hard. They had almost all of the brick done in one day. Now we will need them to come back for phase two – that is redoing the outside of the current hospital and making it into the Cat and Dog boarding/grooming/bathing/daycare entrance. Finished picking out the paint for the brick. Going to be clean and crisp!

Wood Trim – done! Check! Just not painted.

Mud – still muddy on the backside of the project. I had to have another bath after my photoshoot for this blog and after I checked in with the entire crew. They like me. Guess I am fun to work with!

So things are really taking shape. Inside is almost done with sheet rock. I mean we have real halls and rooms and space! So much space.

My parents and some of the other doctors have begun to order some of the new equipment I wanted – oxygen cage, underwater treadmill (I CANT WAIT), exam tables, lights for the surgery tables.

This weekend I was suppose to help pick out reception furniture – but maybe Ill get to it this week. I had to rest!!

Oh and super fun… I have a cabinet. Seriously… I have organized my very own cabinet and I have scheduled a meeting. HA! This is really where I have sectioned off areas of the new building by rooms and assigned UVH team members to help pre-organize the cabinets in those rooms. What goes in there – medications, materials, supplies, equipment, need a pen cup and a stapler? I learned my organizational skills from my mom (she can be OCD) I hear people say that. But what is wrong with being an Organize Cat Doctor? I mean her name is Dr. Cat and she does take care of cats. None the less I can not figure that one out. Back to the point, my team is awesome and they are excited about prepping for the move into the new hospital.

Off to get a little shut eye and rest up for a big week.

Got a call that the head contractor and my architect are coming in 2 weeks. Got a ton of work to do before they arrive!


Talk to you later – Gator

Chases being built for the treatment room.

Inside one of the rooms for some awesome dog boarding!

Me…next to some big windows for my reception room!

One dirty ball…one happy Gator!