UVH is proud to be AAHA…and with this accreditation we are always on top of our game. I have never been more proud…never been more proud to be apart of my amazing TEAM.

Construction is not always a walk in the park and we had a big scare, but again, I have never been more proud.

It was early in the morning and I had my crew on the bulldozer and the power to UVH was accidentally grabbed…which caused a small fire at our breaker box. BOOM – Lights out with some just a little smoke! BOOM – team jumps into action!

If you were to pass the practice that morning you would have seen our awesome local firemen, their firetruck, and all of my team outside with all of our patients on leashes!! It was quite a sight!

Luckily we have The Cottage @ UVH so we all went for a morning walk 200 yards down and enjoyed the morning just sitting around with our care takers, playing, taking naps, and watching movies!

The awesome electricians were able to save the day and restore power to the main hospital and we went back to work and back to business a little after lunch time.

We were lucky that morning!

We were prepared that morning!

We are AAHA Proud!

We are UVH Strong!


See you later – Gator