Is the vomiting acute or chronic. Acute = within past few days; Chronic = it has been going on for over 2 weeks. For vomiting that just started, this can be a potential emergency, if your pet ate something that is either toxic or stuck/not moving – vomiting can be the first signs!…Or did your pet get into the trash and eat old food and has gastritis or even pancreatitis. Chronic cases could indicate diseases such as IBD, GI infections or cancers, allergies, partially obstructed intestines, and many other issues.
We need to see your pet to help narrow down what could be the cause so we can begin treatment! Most often we would start with lab work and xrays to rule things in or out, and in some cases, pets may need ultrasounds of their abdomen/belly. UVH practices team medicine and we are here to help get you answers on why your pet may be vomiting.