Howdy Folks. Gator Man here.

Project UVH is Rock N Rollin’ – This week had major progress with the outside plaster work and I gave the orders to start with sheet rock inside. It is crazy how I have been running through walls – literally between the studs. BUT now there are halls and door ways and rooms. I loved running the halls this morning and saying hello to my crew. Super nice guys that always stop to tell me hello and pat me on the head. This morning I wasn’t too keen on posing for any pictures – I had stuff to sniff and people to greet and work to check on!

About 2 weeks ago, I put in our orders for some new equipment, cages, kennels, lights for surgery tables and exam tables. So those are now in production and on time for shipment. I have also ordered the flooring – tile for some areas and pour on epoxy for the treatment and hospital sections. This is a super durable floor that should last my project many many years to come.

I sure hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for taking the time to read my stories and for being as excited as I am about my new hospital, boarding, bathing and daycare facility. Stay tuned – hoping to have some move in dates to announce later this month!

I know I am very proud!

See you Later – Gator!

Cant Stop…Wont stop… got to run!

I can still walk through this wall!

Can you see me?

Morning rounds… saying hello to my Crew!!

Check out the white plaster!