So I have had crews in and out of this Project and they have done some great work!

We have a really cool looking and neat feeling tile up front. That’s right, neat feeling. You see my paws are really important and some tile makes me slip and fall…this one is very textured and I’m hoping gives a more secure footing for my four legged buddies that will come see us at UVH. We used a really strong epoxy grout so we can keep it as sterile and clean as possible.

Then in the other areas we poured and epoxy floor – with a little texture and again super easy to clean.

There is carpet on the stairs (don’t tell mom I was up here!)

And CAGES – they have been installed and are super nice. I requested some really big cages and some of these runs for me and my bigger friends.

Sorry for a short letter to all of you. I have a new little sister (puppy) named Grits…and man is she taking a lot of my time. I’m worn out!!

The project is really coming along….Next time I post…Counters!!!

Hope you all had a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

See you Later – Gator