As the holidays approach, you may already be scrambling to make travel plans to visit loved ones. But, what to do with your pet? Your furry companion is not a fan of traveling—or the gaggle of rowdy kids in your family—but you hate the thought of leaving them home alone with only a few brief visits from your neighbor. Rather than rely on someone else to care for your pet during their busy holiday schedule, trust in the dedicated University Veterinary Hospital team. We’re here around the clock to ensure our furry guests are comfortable, relaxed, and happy in their plush accommodations. Here are seven additional benefits of a reservation for your pet at our Unleashed facility over the holidays.

#1: Your pooch can romp and #playwithpurpose with canine companions at daycare

After the COVID-19 pandemic and living through quarantine, you likely have a good idea of what your furry pal experiences each day when you leave for work. It’s boring. No mental stimulation, interaction with others, or the chance to get out and stretch your legs. But, by dropping your pup off at doggy daycare each day, your pooch will delight in expressing themselves, participating in mental and physical enrichment, and making new friends—both canine and human. We offer training equipment in our play yard, a fun, refreshing splash pad for cooling off, and a quieter indoor play area for pets who need a break and some relaxation. With human interaction, canine inter-socialization, and a wide variety of games and play equipment designed to help your dog burn off energy while also learning, they will beg you to come to Unleashed daycare every day. 

#2: Your pet can take part in one-on-one play sessions with our team

While some dogs enjoy group play with a canine pack, others prefer one-on-one time with their preferred Unleashed team member. During your pet’s boarding stay, we offer individualized play time for your furry pal, including:

  • Brushing
  • Story time
  • Fetch
  • Belly rubs

We also offer feline play sessions that let your cat stretch their legs while engaging in their favorite activity, such as chasing down a laser or pouncing on a feather toy.

#3: Cats have special boarding accommodations separate from dogs

Cats tend to feel uncomfortable and nervous in unfamiliar situations—more so when housed close to dogs. Here at Unleashed, we provide tranquil accommodations for our feline friends to ensure their stay is as relaxing as possible. Two-story condos offer plenty of room for your cat to stretch out and exercise, as well as the chance to climb, perch, and nap in a play room with a large cat tree.

#4: Your pet’s chronic condition can be professionally managed during their stay

As both a veterinary hospital and a boarding facility, we can offer highly specialized medical care for your pet during their stay. Whether your pet needs daily medication, or requires bandage changes, wound care, walking assistance, urinary bladder expression, or daily bathing, our talented team will ensure your beloved companion receives personalized medical care.

#5: Add extra veterinary care services while your pet is boarding

Typical boarding facilities do not have the luxury of a full-service veterinary hospital in the same building, but Unleashed is unique. With the full University Veterinary Hospital team at your pet’s disposal while boarding, you can request additional services during their stay. For example, your pet can undergo a dental cleaning and return home with minty fresh breath and pearly white teeth, or they can be spayed or neutered, and then recover in our plush accommodations. 

#6: Your pet can receive a full spa treatment during their boarding stay

You feel wonderful being pampered and catered to while you are on vacation, and your four-legged friend feels the same. They can undergo a full spa treatment in our grooming facility during their stay, and surprise you with a sleek new haircut and a fresh-as-a-daisy smell. All dogs who stay three or more consecutive nights or participate in five consecutive daycare sessions receive a complimentary bath. 

#7: We provide shuttle services to and from our boarding facility for your pet

With a busy work schedule or hectic holiday travel plans, getting your pet to Unleashed for their boarding, grooming, or daycare session can be challenging. However, we are a truly unique facility in that we offer UVHonthego, a shuttle service to and from your home for your furry pal’s medical or grooming appointment, daycare session, or boarding reservation, for only a $7.00 one-way taxi fee. We also offer complimentary food and medication delivery right to your workplace or doorstep. 

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, so don’t delay—book your pet’s boarding stay ASAP. Regardless of the season, we’d also love to interact with your furry pal during a daycare session, or spiff up their hairdo with a grooming appointment. Contact our University Veterinary Hospital Unleashed team for more information, or to make a reservation for your dog or cat.