UVHVets wants to continue to be your go to veterinarian health care team for you and your pet during this isolation period.

So how can UVH telehealth work??  EASY several different scenarios based on your needs:

  1. You are at home and want advice from a trusted UVH veterinarian. $30 fee.
  2. You have an appointment at UVH and want to be a part of the exam while you wait in your car since the lobby is closed during this isolation time.  Fee will be waived after visit.
  3. You need pet advice after hours.  $30 fee.

GREAT!  Then this app will work for you! Here are the steps:

  1. Download the app https://www.airvet.com/download
  2. Set up a client and pet profile.
  3. Use our zip code 71115 to select University Veterinary Hospital as your primary hospital.

FROM THERE… we have a couple of points to suggest based on your need

      1. At UVHvets for Curbside Visit?  You will need to select the specific doctor that will be seeing your pet, then select “My Vet” and send a request. That specific veterinarian will be notified of your request, they will accept the request when the exam starts. And you can facetime during the actual exam….GREAT tool!  *There will not be a fee for this call since your pet is receiving a physical exam.
      2. Need a UVH doctor as soon as possible?
        1. Droids – do not select a specific vet, just the hospital.
        2. iPhones – do not select a specific UVH vet. Click “the arrow” at top left to the doctor page and then click “the X” at top left again on the hospital page – this will allow the clinic to be selected but no primary UVH vet selected, allowing any of our awesome vets to take your urgent call.
        3. Choose the “First Available Vet” call and we hope to connect within a few minutes.  *If we can not take the call/after hours then it will go to a licensed veterinarian within the US to help you.
      3. Just want to ask your primary UVH vet a question? And you are okay with waiting for a little while? Great then please select your UVH doctor of choice and select “My Vet” to request a call back.  

And YES…. you can change your UVH “primary vet” or go to “No UVH primary vet” anytime you want based on your need for your call.  And don’t forget if a UVH vet is not available and you have an urgent request, a licensed veterinarian will take your call. 

Our commitment is to your pets health, your health and our team’s health.

Thank you for letting us achieve this goal – TEAM UVH