March 22, 2020
Louisiana has deemed veterinarians as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce. UVH is committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe.  We are also committed to our purpose in these surreal times.  At this time, we are planning on continuing to care for animals, focusing on minimal human contact.
Our goal at University Veterinary Hospital is to remain open for patient care. We are closely monitoring the global and local impact of coronavirus and will continue seeing patients for as long as we can safely do so. Our top priorities are to protect our clients, their pets, and our employees.
Ensuring the health and well-being of our employees will always be our highest concern.  
The most important way to prevent transmission of this disease is to prevent EXPOSURE.  To do this we all need to change our behavior and lifestyle to help keep everyone safe.  
What can we all do individually to stop the spread of coronavirus?
1.  Maintain personal space.  Try to allow for 6 feet distance from   others.
2.  Avoid shaking hands 
3.  No more than 10 people in any waiting room.
4.  HANDWASHING – follow the 20 second rule for handwashing.  If you cannot wash your hands, use hand sanitizer to clean your hands thoroughly. Wash hands after bathroom visits, after touching common surfaces like keyboards, phones, computers, light switches, door handles, after touching another person, or after pet handling.
5.  Avoid touching your face. The virus gains access through mucus membranes on face, nose, mouth, eyes etc.  
6.  Disinfect surfaces every 30-60 minutes
7.  Avoid crowds and public gatherings 
8.  Please practice social distancing on your work and personal time.
9.  Stay positive!
10. Take care of you physical and mental health!!
Changing to Curbside or Limited Contact room visit:
To limit the exposure of all our employees, until further notice we will be practicing curbside service – this means clients will remain in their cars during appointments and drop offs, or when picking up medications or foods. All conversations and payments will be done over the phone. Mobile credit card payments can be used with healthy clients.
Limited Contact: 
Alternatively, any healthy clients that have no recent travel history are able to have a Limited Contact room visit. During this visit the veterinarian will perform an exam and give any recommended treatments or injections in the treatment room. The veterinarian will then communicate to the client in the exam room. Please limit time with the client and respect the 6 ft barrier.  
While this may not be a seamless transition, we believe most clients will understand why it is necessary for everyone’s health and safety. 
Continued improvements
We appreciate your patience while we explore the options to continue to streamline this process while keeping everyone safe.  
We are also working on providing Telemedicine services for our clients and patients in the upcoming days. Once this service is available we will notify all our clients by email and social media posts. 
Lastly, there are a few reports of human to dog transmission of Covid-19. Most reports describe either no symptoms or at most very mild symptoms in dogs. There is a coronavirus vaccine for dogs but unfortunately it does not protect against this novel strain. This is a developing situation and we will be monitoring it closely. We will post any updates in regards to dogs and Covid-19 on our Facebook page as we receive them. 
Our team is a family, and we are all working to support each other and continue to provide the best possible care for our patients. 
As always, please contact us by email or phone if you have any questions. We will do our best to notify everyone promptly with any changes to our service. 
Adam Foret, DVM  
Catherine Foret, DVM
University Veterinary Hospital
Shreveport, LA