Hey there friends…I am sorry about my lack of writing lately…but my paws are really tired! Project UVH is still my main focus and we are in the process of site work and making sure we get things right below the concrete! Super pumped about Project UVH and seeing more happening in the next few weeks.

Why are my paws tired??? I have been hard at work right across the street from Project UVH…. let me tell you about The Cottage @ UVH. July 18th we saw our first patients at 7841 East Kings Highway (to the right of Bergerons and across the street from the main clinic)!!

So what is The Cottage @ UVH?? It is not just a sweet house…It is a calm, laid back, leather chair, wood floor, coffee and tea drinking, home like atmosphere for UVH veterinarian, Dr. Shannon Jarrell, to see healthy wellness appointments.

Why do we have The Cottage @ UVH?? Oh I can’t wait to answer this one…So UVH can continue to offer the best exams and the best recommendations in an atmosphere where pets and their people are more comfortable. So UVH can cut down wait times. So UVH can have a quiet spot to really hear your concerns and answer your questions.

What patients can go to The Cottage @ UVH?? Awesome Question! I was just about to answer. Exams are by appointment only. UVH is currently seeing healthy cat and dog patients for wellness exams and immunization appointments for limited hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. Just call 318-797-5522 and see if your next appointment can be at The Cottage!!

Where do I park and where do I go? Don’t worry we thought of that…There is a driveway entrance to the paved parking lot on the North side of the propety near Bergerons. Once you park – just head up the white ramp and enter from the front porch. Come on in – have a hot cup of coffee or tea, and ENJOY taking your furry baby to the veterinarian.

UVH is very proud to offer this unique experience!!

We can not wait until it is your pets time for a wellness/immunization visit at…


Check out these awesome photos of inside The Cottage!!

The cottage reception…


RVT Megan and one happy cottage patient…

Here I am…Gator Man…next to my new sign!!

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement…

See you Later…Gator!!