Not that kind of donut!! Part 7 of Zoey’s Stem Cell Therapy Journey

Zoey on Treadmill and Physio ball!! Zoey has been working hard during her rehabilitation sessions. Every session we are increasing time and degree of difficulty of her exercises. Zoey’s owner has also noticed the improvement in that she is rushing out the door to go outside and play…. that is right…PLAY! One of her exercises [...]

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Zoey Starts Physiotherapy @ UVH

Zoey Girl and Her Rehab… Part 5 Zoey’s physical rehabilitation will include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and Cold Laser treatment to speed and enhance recovery from her osteoarthritis in her hips. This multimodal approach will allow Zoey to have optimal pain relief while increasing her muscle mass and improving her range of motion. Her manual [...]

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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!! I was so excited about new studies that has shown that physical exercises helps improve memory and learning in our beloved dogs. These studies has shown that exercises improves memory by priming the molecular process that allows for retention of new information. Combining mental and physical training results enhance [...]

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