Zoey on Treadmill and Physio ball!!

Zoey has been working hard during her rehabilitation sessions. Every session we are increasing time and degree of difficulty of her exercises. Zoey’s owner has also noticed the improvement in that she is rushing out the door to go outside and play…. that is right…PLAY!

One of her exercises that we are doing is land treadmill. She has taken very well to the treadmill, as long as there are no distractions (she likes to stop and be petted). By walking on treadmill we are encouraging her to use her rear limbs to help build the muscles. I also have the treadmill at a slight incline that helps her to increase her stride length and extension of her hip joints. I can keep her at a steady pace with less impact on her joints with the treadmill versus walking outside.

Another exercise that we do is using a physio ball to balance on. I have many types of physio balls that are in different shape sizes from peanuts to discs. The one I use with Zoey looks like a large inflatable doughnut. I like to use this one because it is more stable and the height is perfect to get her hips to extend. Inflatable exercise balls are used to help assist the pet with weight bearing, balance, coordination, strength and weight shifting. To increase the difficulty I have front legs on the ball while her hind limbs are on the ground and then shift her weight from side to side.

The next step for Zoey is to recheck her radiographs and measurements of range of motion. Stay tuned – can not wait to show you her measurements!!

She is such a great girl!

Enjoy your day! Cindi, RVT CCRP

Running on the treadmill!!

Not the donut Zoey had in mind! But she loves it…