Hey there! Been a while. Guess I took more of a month vs a week for Spring Break!! Whoops.

Don’t worry – I have been keeping up with my project – just a little more relaxed. Im back in the game but, not for long.

NO people or pets allowed…WHAT???!!! Just for the next week or so while the epoxy floor is being installed. CAN YOU BELIEVE we are at that point!! Im just so excited. I really want to sneak in there next week and look but my mom and dad said no way – no paw prints allowed… (we will see about that)!

So let me catch you up to date.

(a) We have a great new front parking lot. They started the pour at 3 am. It is fantastic and really drains the rain water well. There is a nice ramp for all of my four legged or two legged friends that do not do well with stairs. Im very excited to offer more parking spots!

(b) Cabinets! Cabinets we got! I am very excited about my projects cabinets from Midmark. They did a super job and will last for many many years. Big truck made an early morning delivery. Took 4 men about 6 hours to unload and bring them into the correct rooms. I really thanked them for their hard work.


(c) Exam tables – delivered and some are set. I am a great jumper (doesn’t make mom all that happy when I do this to the dinning table)! I love exams from UVH it is always like a great massage.

(d) The Treatment room is coming together and laminate is being set. This room is under constant transformation. We will have several exam tables in this room to perform exams and treatments on patients. The light in this room is fantastic – good natural light and we can see the bayou.

(e) Doors…well at least they have been delivered. I asked my crew to hang them and they reminded me that we do that after the floors are in – good thing they have their thinking hats and hard hats on all of the time!!

Im very excited about the timeline and we hope to be moving in the new hospital sometime next month. I promise I’m back and will keep up with posting pictures.

See you Later – Gator