Santa came…to UVH!!!

UVH invited all animals to come to The Cottage @ UVH to meet Santa…and raise awareness and funds for Paws 4 Life!!

There were so many friends that came – cats and dogs and a super cool bearded dragon named Lewis! My mom and grandma worked really hard on making a great background for Santa…tree and ornaments and the mantle..and puppy and kitty presents under the tree! I got my chance with Santa but I am not sure if he understood what I wanted…I wouldn’t drop my new tennis ball out of my mouth 🙂

I know I know…I always have a tennis ball in my mouth…its my favorite thing – new or old I love them!!

Here is my list…Wants and Needs of course!!

  1. Bucket of tennis balls
  2. Automatic tennis ball launcher
  3. Squeaky tennis balls
  4. Veggie bones
  5. Milk Bone brushing chews
  6. Spa Day at UVH…they give the best baths
  7. more tennis balls!!

Paws 4 Life works directly with Caddo Animal Shelter and has already drastically reduced the euthanasia rate in our community!

They are a volunteer based group that is deeply committed to helping save the lives of animals at CPAS & we help CPAS in the following ways:
– partners with cat & dog rescues to pull animals from CPAS, helping to reduce the shelter population & euthanasia rate.
– coordinates transports for adoptable dogs to shelters in the Midwest and Northeast, where rescue dogs are in high demand because overpopulation is less prevalent due to strictly enforced spay/neuter laws.
– networks adoptable and rescue/only animals
– assists with local adoption events

Check out their Facebook and donate!!!


Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season…Merry Christmas!!
See you later – Gator!!

This is me and my family…I sure do love them!!