Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!!

I was so excited about new studies that has shown that physical exercises helps improve memory and learning in our beloved dogs. These studies has shown that exercises improves memory by priming the molecular process that allows for retention of new information. Combining mental and physical training results enhance learning. This is not only for training puppies but also in our older dogs.

This also means that there is improved wellbeing with our pets when they are exercised not only physically but mentally. I have seen this in some of physical rehabilitation patients that were not active and depressed when they started physiotherapy. After serval sessions and new exercise program at home owners had reported that their pet is so much happier and acting more like a puppy. I have always linked this to the pet having less pain so they feel better. After reading these studies some part of this changed behavior can be attributed to mental stimulation from exercise.

So challenge your older dog to learn through exercising.

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– Cindi, RVT CCRP


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