Hello and thank you for contacting University Veterinary Hospital.

This recording has several important points.  All information is on our website.




We are open during normal business hours. 


Please know we have limited staffing and we know that this will cause a back of phone calls. To alleviate this please use our online systems:

    1. Website for hours and blog updates about our new processes. www.uvhvets.com
    2. Medication Refills – super easy online form on our client tools page. https://uvhvets.com/medication-refill-request/
    3. Telemedicine – we have launched our Airvetapp as of March 24th, 2020.  We can now take care of your pet from the comfort of your couch for some conditions.  If a UVHvet is not available you will be connected with a licensed veterinarian.
      1. Download and connect with a UVH veterinarian during normal hours. https://www.airvet.com/download
      2. See our blog, videos, and social media posts for details.
    4. Email us info@uvhvets.com to make an appointment or with questions.  We will try to respond within 24 hours if not sooner.
    5. Emergencies. Please come to UVH during business hours if you have an emergency, If your inquiry is of urgency, after business hours or on the weekend, please contact the AEC on Line Avenue, 318-227-2345
    6. Referrals. Referring veterinarians please use our online form.  https://uvhvets.com/referral-form/
      1. If you experience an issue with the form, email Dr. Catherine Foret directly the case and she will get to our DVM team.  c.foret@uvhvets.com


Our UVHvets and Unleashed lobbies are closed during Covid Quarantine

    1. We will come to the car to see how we can help you.
    2. We will bring your pet into the building if they need services.
    3. Our nurses and doctors will call your cell phone to communicate with you. 
    4. We can also connect via telemedicine…airvetapp.com so you can be apart of the exam.
    5. You will log into your pet portal for payments via paypal or we can take cc over the phone.  Use your email that you have on file with UVH. https://uvh.use1.ezyvet.com/external/portal/main/login#googtrans(en)


Our commitment is to your pets health, your health and our team’s health.

Thank you for letting us achieve this goal.


Drs. Adam and Catherine Foret and TEAM UVH