General Q and A

What is Parvo?

What Vaccinations does my pet really need?

What is Rabies?

What is Rabies Quarantine? What to do if you are bitten by an animal?

What can I catch from my pet?

What are heartworms?

What is that in my pets poop?

Why do I need to test my pets Poop or feces?

What happens if you forget to give your pet their heart worm prevention?

What to do I do when my pet vomits after I give heartworm prevention?

When should I spay my pet?

Does my cat need heartworm prevention?

When should I neuter my pet?

Why did my pet get fat after spay or neuter?

What payment options is there for pet care?

Should I get pet insurance for my pets?

Why should my pet have their teeth cleaned?

Does your pet like a little human food from time to time?

Do you have toxins in your house?

What happens during a pet emergency at UVH?

What should I do if my pet eats chocolate?

What should I do if my pet eats rat poison?

What should I do if I think my cat ate lily flowers?

What will wellness lab work show?

Why does my pet need blood work screens when on chronic medications?

Why do you take my pet to “The Back?”

Why is UVH different on a spay or neuter?

Is someone at UVH all of the time?

Why is my dog scooting across the floor?

What are cat hair balls and how often is normal?

I applied flea prevention but I still see fleas, why isn’t it working?

Is my pet pregnant?

What is a normal temperature for a pet?

What should my pet chew or not chew?

Why does my cat keep going in and out of the litter box?

Why does my dog leak urine when sleeping?

Why does my pet itch?

Why is my pet’s skin red?

Why is my pet throwing up?

Why does my pet have diarrhea?

Why are my pet’s eyes irritated, red, runny?

Why does my pet keep licking itself?

Why does my dog keep whining?

Why does my dog keep pawing at his face?

Why does my pet shake his head?

Why does my pet have a bump on his skin?

Why does my dog keep coughing?

Why is my pet losing weight?