Hey there. Hey. How are you? Im good. Thanks for asking. That was very nice of you!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day and took time to thank and think about all of those that have served our great country (two and four legged).

Let’s talk Project UVH. Let’s talk Safety.

One of my main priorities is to keep Team UVH safe while they are working, keep the patients safe and comfortable while at UVH, and keep all of the humans that come in go safe too. Today we fenced in area for walking patients that will be completely untouched during construction. I have ordered that by next week, the left side of the parking lot be fenced off and turned into a entrance for the construction company and crews. While this area is blocked off from client parking, we will make a new obvious temporary parking lot area for clients.

This week I will be reviewing and approving the signage that we will be using to let everyone know where it is safe to walk and park and where it is not safe. Project UVH will be a hard hat zone (hence my handsome yellow hard hat)!

I have had a few people write in a ask about what are we building…and I am super excited to share some details with you in a future blog, but how about I give you few details now? (a) more parking (b) more exam rooms (c) easier checkin and checkout (d) real cat and dog boarding (lofts and suites – thats right no more vacation for me and my friends behind cage doors!) and (e) a specialized turfed play yard with Gator approved super cool stuff to jump on and chase and even swim in…can you say cannonball!! Would you like for me to post a picture of a rendering??

Oh today we put up a great banner on the fence…we are not saying pardon our progress or please mind the dirt…we are saying…CELEBRATE with UVH…SHARE in our EXCITEMENT…IT IS COMING!!

Hope you have a great week…See you later…Gator!