Hey there folks! I hope that everyone had an amazing Fathers Day. My dad is a fantastic duck dog and field trial winner; and he is totally where I get my handsome looks from! I had 8 in my litter…one of my brothers is named Cody and one is named Groovy. They rock!

Let’s cut to the chase…no construction today. I told the crew to take the day off because I needed to go see the dentist…who happens to be my mom!

Last week I had my blood and urine sampled to make sure I was in good shape for anesthesia. I am tested 2-3 times a year – not only for my oral cleanings but also for me to stay in the blood donor program. That’s right I help save other pets! I mean really I just love friends and I will do everything to make their lives better. Again, that is my main drive behind building a better UVH.

In the new practice I will have a dedicated Dental Suite with a minimum of two procedure tables. My Mom, Dr. Cat, is very excited because that means more animals can get the much needed dental care and preventative dental care that they need.

Check out my pearly whites…I had all of my teeth cleaned and assessed today. The oral radiographs showed that I didn’t have any fractures or abscesses below the gum line (which I have had before). So no extractions for me. My favorite part of the day is when one of my favorites, Sabrina, offered me a late lunch! It sounded like Thanksgiving with me gobble gobbling it up so fast! Ha!

Hope that everyone is taking time to take care of themselves! Have an awesome week and stay tuned…I will post more about construction later in the week.

Back to Work tomorrow!!

See you later…Gator!!