Hey there buddies… well I know I have been MIA the past few weeks. Just so much has been happening at the Project that I’m worn out when I get home and just want to sleep next to my tennis ball after a eat my dinner!

So you know my mom loves teeth and takes really good care of mine!! I am a very good chewer – I take my time and enjoy the process of chewing! I love the flat rawhides from Virbac, I love Veggie dents from Virbac, I love the Brushing Chews from MilkBone…okay – so I love them all. Check out her earlier blog in Jan 2017 about the 4 steps…I do all four. I challenge you to do at least 2 of the 4 steps!!

So yep! I had my teeth cleaned this past week. I had the best nurses at UVH. After ultrasonic scaling of all of my teeth, they were polished. Then I had a fluoride treatment after my dental radiographs (X-rays). Great news…this year perfect report. About two years ago I had an abscessed tooth they found on X-ray and it required extraction.

I was spoiled after recovery – a can of my favorite dog food!

It is so very important to have your teeth cleaned and radiographed. February is National Pet Dental Month…Don’t wait – make the call, have your questions answered and schedule and Oral ATP at UVH!



See you Later – Gator!