Happy Fourth of July!!

I have been resting all day and I hope you have been too.

Last week was hot and dirty…and I LOVED IT!

We are still in the process of bringing in dirt, load by load. Nothing feels better than playing in the dirt sometimes. However, that brings me to a good thought…my doggie buddies will not have to play in the dirt in the new play yard. I will be ordering and installing something amazing for us to walk on… always green, always clean, always comfy for our many toes! K9Grass! We will have a big play yard with structures to jump on and run through. I will even be installing a fun splash pool – for days like today…hot! Don’t worry – not all days will be playing outside. UVH will also have a big conference play room that has huge doors that open onto the play yard. This will help on days where we have played and played and played and it is time to rest a little under a big fan on a cold floor.

And…for my kitty friends – well stay tuned I have a friend that will help be tell about all things fun for felines! Ill introduce my little friend in the next few weeks – he is one cool cat!!