Hello there friends…Hoping you have had a great holiday season…

Super pumped to tell you that I did not get lumps of coal. I mean it was a pretty close call… I received tennis balls, this super long skinny tennis ball thingy that my mom and dad throw into the lake and I belly flop in and retrieve…Oh – I also got lots of yummy dental treats. It was a a Merry Merry Christmas. My boys have been home every day and I am getting lots of play time.

I didn’t get around to posting last week..so this post is a reflection of what happended! Sometimes I forget to blog – I get busy playing fetch and napping.

I ordered and had the roof trusses installed. My crew did a great job! It was a blue sky kinda day and gorgeous. The concrete has been poured on the stairs so we can now work up there…and that’s important because that is where my office will be located. It is really neat – I have an office with a window that looks down onto the treatment room so I can stay involved and on top of my hard working UVH Team.

After these pictures I ran around in the dirt…chasing a tennis ball of course. Mom took me straight to the tub where my buddies gave me a massage and made me handsome!

I’ll post later this week…The roof is going up!!

See you Later – Gator

My Stairs!

My Office!

Inside Looking Up from the Treatment Room!

It is so hard for me not to play in the dirt…

Here I am getting a bath… Not too happy because I can’t swim in the lake for a day or two…(says mom ;))