Train With A Purpose

What are your goals? Let us #trainwithpurpose and help you and your pet succeed! UVHcoach encompasses training with basic commands that will help shape and mold unwanted behaviors using positive reinforcement. We over onsite individual or group classes or in home visits.

Best vet office I have ever been to! … Which is a lot since I foster animals, work with rescues and have personal pets!! I have tried every vet in town and have even worked at vet offices and this is by far the best one!
Most compassionate team of animal healers/lovers I’ve EVER had the joy of sharing with our pets — and I’ve had some excellent vets over the last 50+ years!
I have had cats and dogs all my life. I have lived in many different cities and have known many vets. These people are definitely one of the best.
I have been with UVH for 2 separate pets and 20+ years. I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else…The staff and the docs truly care about the animals and owners!!!
We recently had to rush our dog in after he had a stroke. The doctors immediately took him to the back and started treating him. Without their swift care and expertise, our dog wouldn’t have lived that day.


– Initial Assessment 90 min @$120
– ½ hour session $45
– 1 hour session $60
Package discount
– 6 package session $300
– 12 package session $550


– Initial Assessment 90 min @$120
– 1 hour Session $75
Package discount
– 6 pack in home $390
– 12 pack in home $725
* Additional Travel Fee if more than 10 miles