6 Ways to Prevent and Treat Noise Anxiety in Your Pet

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When you think of summer, you might think of pool parties, backyard barbecues, Fourth of July celebrations, or road trips. And, while there isn’t much to dislike about summer, the loud noises that can accompany some of our favorite summertime activities, like fireworks, can be terrifying for our pets. Noise anxiety is not uncommon in [...]

Feline Kidney disease; a common problem that even more commonly goes unnoticed.

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Feline Kidney disease; a common problem that even more commonly goes unnoticed. Hey Doc, my cat is drinking a ton of water and the clumps in the litter box are huge. It seems like my cat is losing a little bit of weight, maybe eating less, what do you think could be going on? The [...]


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What is pancreatitis? Pancreatitis is inflammation within the pancreas. The pancreas normally produces digestive enzymes in response to a meal to help break food down within the small intestine. In pancreatitis, these enzymes become active within the pancreas itself digesting the pancreatic tissue itself! What causes pancreatitis? In dogs, pancreatitis is an acute onset after [...]

Gastric Dilitation and Voluvulus: What is it and why is it so SCARY?

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As a veterinarian, nothing gets us more concerned and on higher alert than hearing those words “We have a GDV en route!” So what in the world is a GDV?  This stands for Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus, more commonly known as “Bloat”. This is one of the most life-threatening and critical cases that we deal [...]

Holiday Toxicities

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Objects Ornaments Tinsel: cats love to ingest tinsel which often gets stuck in the intestines causing a blockage Snowglobes: can contain ethylene glycol; highly toxic to the kidneys in small amounts Liquid Potpourri: severe chemical burns, difficulty breathing or tremors Candles: Pets can easily burn themselves with a wagging tail or curious nose Wires: risk [...]

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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When we think of Halloween, we usually think of trick-or-treaters, jack-o-lanterns, and lots of fun. But it can actually be one of the most dangerous evenings of the year for pets. We wrote this article to teach you about the threats that your pet faces on Halloween so that you can take simple [...]

Puppies and Parvovirus: What every new dog owner should know

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Bringing home a new puppy into your family is a time of celebration and welcoming your new canine best friend into your life. The last thing any new puppy parent wants to hear is a devastating diagnosis of Parvovirus. So what are the basic facts we need to know about Parvovirus? What is [...]