So your Dog is Coughing!!!

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Is your dog coughing? Is it something to worry about? When do I call the vet? Is my other pet going to start coughing too? We all cough from time to time. Usually it is an uncommon occurrence and there is a tickle in the throat. We cough once and it’s over. Dogs are the [...]

How to be proactive with pets!!

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  WELLNESS SCREENS. EXAMINATIONS. NUTRITION. These three little things…major impact! In the Canine and Feline world – they age fast and in most breeds we say “senior at seven”! WHAT!!!!!????? Yes, Senior…at seven years of age! WHAT!!!!!????? If I told you there were three things that you could be proactive about that could potentially improve [...]

Fleas…Love Louisiana!!

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THE FLEA Did you know that about 5% of the flea population is the adult? YIKES!! The eggs, larva and pupa stages are much more numerous! The Flea Life Cycle: there are four parts to the life cycle of the flea: Adult Egg Larva Pupa The pupa, like a cocoon, houses the adult flea until [...]

Can a Cat catch a Virus?? a must read…

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Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are two of the most devastating contagious viruses seen in cats. Both viruses compromise the immune system causing poor health, frequent infections, blood disorders and cancer at any age. What is FeLV? Feline Leukemia Virus is a highly contagious virus that replicates within the body with [...]

Gator Man had a Doctor’s Excuse!

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Hey there buddies… well I know I have been MIA the past few weeks. Just so much has been happening at the Project that I'm worn out when I get home and just want to sleep next to my tennis ball after a eat my dinner! So you know my mom loves teeth and takes [...]

Dirty Mouth…Clean it up…Then KEEP it Healthy!!

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UVHvets prides itself on progressive and preventative medicine…and our approach to oral health for your pets is all about HOME CARE!! Yes, we know that you know that you should brush your pets teeth daily… But, did you know that we know that it is hard to do… Nothing will replace as needed professional cleanings. [...]

Litter Box 101 with Dr. Spivey

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It’s a topic that we as feline lovers shy away from. That one dirty little secret that we try our best to hide….The litter box. Well here are some tips to make that dirty little secret a thing of the past so we can focus on the joys of being owned by our feline friends. [...]

Naughty or Nice…

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Santa came…to UVH!!! UVH invited all animals to come to The Cottage @ UVH to meet Santa…and raise awareness and funds for Paws 4 Life!! There were so many friends that came – cats and dogs and a super cool bearded dragon named Lewis! My mom and grandma worked really hard on making a great [...]