New Emerging Threat…Don’t wait, Vaccinate!

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Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) There have been very recently confirmed cases of CIV H3N2 in Georgia, Florida and now Monroe, Louisiana. This is an opportunity to reinforce the importance of vaccinating because this virus can show up anywhere at any time. CIV is not the same as Canine Parainfluenza or Bordetella. The recommendation is to [...]

Heat Stroke…be educated…be prepared!

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The temperature is rising and so are the stakes for your pets! With the spring weather in full effect and summer just a short time away, it is important to realize what this can mean for your furry family members and how to safeguard them from the dangers of summer. Our doggy friends don’t deal [...]

Pools and your Pets!! Let UVH help make it Safe and Fun!!

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So lets think of pets like children around the pool…many items need to be considered to make it a safe place to play!! Here are some of the basic pool safety rules for dogs and owners 1.) Supervise Dogs As If They Were Small Children: The same pool safety rules that apply to children apply [...]

Heat Strokes and your Pets!

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What is Heat Stroke? Very high body temperature usually secondary to prolonged exposure to heat/humidity causing shock and organ dysfunction. This can also occur secondary to strenuous exercise in warmer weather. Dogs do not sweat like humans do, they have a more limited capacity to cool off. They sweat through their nose (panting) and footpads. [...]