The Hidden Dangers In Your Pet’s Poop: A Guide to Intestinal Parasites

When your furry pal gives you a big smooch on the lips, you likely think nothing of it, and simply wipe away the slobber. But, those sloppy kisses can contain intestinal parasites that commonly affect cats and dogs, and can be transmitted to other pets—and their owners—through the fecal-oral route (i.e., when ingestion of contaminated [...]

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The Trouble with Ticks: 3 Common Tick-Borne Diseases in Louisiana

When people think of diseases that ticks commonly transmit, Lyme disease most often springs to mind. Here in Louisiana, we don’t see much Lyme disease—it’s more common in the northeast and midwest portions of the country—but at University Veterinary Hospital, we diagnose several other tick-borne illnesses in pets that cause as much trouble. To keep [...]

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CBD and Pets??

CBD in Veterinary Medicine  CBD:  Center for Biological Diversity CBD:  Common Bile Duct CBD:  Central Business District C...B...D:  Cannabidiol!  Let’s face it, that’s the only CBD that anyone cares about these days, right?  Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about CBD being used by grandmothers, young adults, baby boomers, and [...]

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Is it safe to use Essential Oils with Cats?

  Essential Oils and Cats Don’t Always Mix!  The popularity of health products that can be used in the home has exploded in the last decade.  Products such as essential oils and aromatherapy products are being used much more in households throughout the world.  While these products may be safe and useful in improving the [...]

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Kid-Friendly Pets: Welcoming a Cat or Dog into Your Family

Does your child add a puppy or kitten to every wish list? Kids and pets are a natural match, and you may have decided to make your child’s dreams come true and welcome a new furry friend into your home. Pets teach children many things: responsible pet ownership, compassion, proper handling, nurturing, and the cycle [...]

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