Your Pet’s Blood Work, Explained

When your pet is due for blood work, you may simply agree, without really knowing the importance of this testing. However, understanding what information blood work imparts can highlight why these tests are necessary for evaluating and monitoring your pet’s health. Not only do we often recommend blood work for ill or injured pets, but [...]

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5 Steps to a Healthier Senior Pet

As pets age, their needs seem to simplify—long naps replace long walks, and dramatic duels with feather wands and fly swatters end in a truce. While senior pets require less physical activity, training, and supervision, regular care and attention are as crucial as when they were younger, to ensure their health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, as [...]

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6 Signs Your Pet May Have Pancreatitis—And What To Do About It

Pancreatitis is a painful, inflammatory condition that occurs when the pancreas prematurely releases enzymes and fluids meant to aid in digestion. The pancreatic cells can become damaged, leading to a variety of clinical signs and potential secondary conditions. Why pancreatitis develops in some pets is not fully understood, but certain factors, such as high-fat foods, [...]

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No More Boring Walks! Enrichment Activities for Dogs

When you consider a dog’s needs, their basic requirements, such as food, water, shelter, and safety, probably come to mind. While these are vitally important, the team at University Veterinary Hospital believes dogs should not simply survive, but thrive. To do so, your dog’s mental and emotional needs must be addressed, in addition to their [...]

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Matters of the Heart—Common Pet Heart Diseases

The heart rarely gets the credit it deserves—steadily beating away for the duration of our pets’ lives. The heart seems only to attract our attention when it’s abnormal—when it skips a beat, races, flutters, or stops. University Veterinary Hospital wants to help you learn about common pet heart diseases, so that you never take a [...]

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Administering Medications: A Pet Owner’s Guide

Do you quiver with fear when you’re handed your pet’s prescription and told you need to administer the medication twice daily? Are you already mentally counting the scratches as you try to give your cat their antibiotics? If you’re familiar with these situations, you’re not alone. Many pet owners dread medicating their pets, especially because [...]

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5 Ways to Enrich You Indoor Cat’s Environment

While routine feline veterinary care is at the forefront of their overall well-being, indoor cats have a special set of additional needs. As a species naturally inclined to prowl, climb, and predate, cats need opportunities to practice their special skills to feel fulfilled. Outdoor cats can easily apply these abilities, but they run the risk [...]

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