The Value of Normal—The Importance of Normal Pet Wellness Screening Results

As a caring pet owner, you understand blood work and other diagnostic testings’ value when your dog or cat is sick, but routine wellness screenings may seem unnecessary—especially when your pet is healthy, and their previous results have always been negative or normal. Rather than consider your pet’s annual testing as an expense, view these [...]

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Identifying and Managing Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis is one of the most common, painful conditions in adult and senior pets, although younger pets are also affected. Despite being so common, arthritis can be difficult to detect and is often mistakenly attributed to normal aging. Arthritis cannot be reversed or cured, but can be managed. The earlier our University Veterinary Hospital team [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Seizures in Pets

Seizures in pets are not uncommon, although these episodes can be extremely upsetting to witness your own pet experiencing. As a manifestation of abnormal brain activity, seizures occur for a variety of reasons. Idiopathic epilepsy is the most common cause, and other causes include electrolyte imbalances, toxicity, hypoglycemia, brain tumors, head trauma, metabolic disease, or [...]

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3 Secrets to a Fulfilled Feline

An indoor-only lifestyle protects cats from numerous health and safety hazards, but such a restricted lifestyle can have its downsides, too. Indoor cats are more likely to experience inactivity and stress-related health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, urinary tract disorders, anxiety, and behavior problems. Help your cat lead a healthy and satisfying life indoors by [...]

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So Ear-itating—Chronic Ear Infections in Pets

Chronic ear infections are uncomfortable for pets, frustrating for owners, and troubling for veterinarians. If your pet’s ear infection seemingly never goes away despite treatment, or returns after only a short time, an underlying cause may be to blame. And, until that cause is determined, treating the inflammation and infection will continue to provide only [...]

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What Cat Owners Should Know About Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) refers to several conditions that commonly affect a cat’s urinary tract, and can cause serious health complications in affected cats. Our team at University Veterinary Hospital wants to help by providing information about this concerning issue and explaining ways you can minimize your cat’s risk. Feline lower urinary tract [...]

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Your Guide to Stress-free Pet Travel

Do you have upcoming travel plans that include your pet? Pets can make great travel companions, but ensuring a smooth trip takes planning and preparation. Allow plenty of planning time before your departure date, use our University Veterinary Hospital team’s guide to stress-free travel with pets, and then sit back and enjoy the ride—or flight.  [...]

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7 Tips to Prevent Common Pet Emergencies

You can’t protect your pet from every hazardous situation, but you can take certain precautions to decrease their risk of experiencing a veterinary emergency. Our team at University Veterinary Hospital wants to help by providing tips to help prevent common pet emergencies. #1: Schedule regular wellness examinations for your pet If a disease is discovered [...]

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FAQs About Xylitol Toxicity in Pets

Xylitol, which is an ingredient in many common foods, has many benefits for humans. However, this sugar substitute can cause life-threatening issues for your pet. Our team at University Veterinary Hospital wants to help protect your pet by answering some frequently asked questions about xylitol. Question: What is xylitol? Answer: Xylitol is a naturally occurring [...]

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