Oh you thought I was calling myself a stud. I mean my momma says Im “pretty pretty pretty” in this special voice that makes me melt to the ground…but I was talking about the Studs in the walls at Project UVH!!

Have I told you I love my crew??? You may not see a ton happening on the outside but the inside…WOW!!! We have 90% of all new construction walls studded out with plumbing and electrical almost complete too. CleanWise began installation of our dry and wet vac central sterilization system. The Oxygen and Scavenging pipes within the studs were installed and they will be back at after sheetrock and paint to apply the fittings and test the system.

Outside I ordered that the beginning installation of the plaster walls start (that is the grey board you see). The concrete pads for the transform and generator were poured as well as the some grading of the right side of the play yard. I am still at the drawing board on the play yard – I can not make up my mind about what I want out there. For sure a small pool to splash in, a few gated off sections to separate play groups, a few objects to run through or jump on… so much to consider. If you have ideas email me (well my mom) and she will give me the message.

I did a walk through this morning before the fire marshall came and I am pleased to say my crew keeps a clean work space. Safety First! Thankful for a dry week so far… because I just accepted our first shipment of sheetrock! That’s right!! Sheetrock is starting!!

Well I best get back to work since I was out a few days last week…

See you Later…Gator!!

Welcome…future front door!! (see the plaster board up above?)

Check out these studs…making up the treatment room island of exam and treatment tables

Im inside the Glasses ICU room for friends that need a quiet spot to heal and get feel better

Look at me! This machine is awesome..up and up to reach the top. They won’t let me turn it on – keep hiding the key!