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The Ugly Truth about Cats and Hairballs

Every  cat owner knows that the one sound that can wake them from a sound sleep is the sound of their cat vomiting up a hairball.  Better still,  is the feeling of stepping on that gooey hairball. Most cat owners think that hairballs are a completely normal part of their cat’s health, however there is [...]

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Cats get heartworms too!

Cats get heartworms too! Heartworms live and replicate in dogs and are transmitted from an infected dog through mosquitoes to other dogs and in some events cats. The heartworm lifecycle requires a dog to live in and make baby heartworms, microfilaria. The cat is not the ideal host and the worm is unable to replicate [...]

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UVH Covid Update March 13

March 13, 2020 University Veterinary Hospital is carefully monitoring the developing situation in respect to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.    We have no plans for closure at this time and we are still offering all services including all inpatient and outpatient services, boarding, doggy day care, and grooming. In the event the CDC or Louisiana [...]

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UVH Covid March 22 update

March 22, 2020   Louisiana has deemed veterinarians as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce. UVH is committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe.  We are also committed to our purpose in these surreal times.  At this time, we are planning on continuing to care for animals, focusing on minimal human contact.   Our goal [...]

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How to communicate with UVH during Covid Quarentine

Hello and thank you for contacting University Veterinary Hospital. This recording has several important points.  All information is on our website. www.uvhvets.com     We are open during normal business hours.    Please know we have limited staffing and we know that this will cause a back of phone calls. To alleviate this please use [...]

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How to pick a dog food?

Selecting an appropriate dog food for your pet can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. “What brand is the best?” “Is this the right food for my dog?” With so many different brands, flavors, fad diets and rumors about dog food, it can be easy to lose track of what’s important for your pet. We [...]

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Cat and Dog Dental Myths… BUSTED

DENTAL MYTHS BUSTED!!! Did you know that 85% of dogs that are between the ages of 3 and 4 years of a are walking around with a disease???  A DISEASE!!!!!! Dental disease is the most common disease of dogs and cats, yet remains the most undiagnosed and untreated disease in veterinary medicine... well it might [...]

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Saying goodbye to your best friend.

  Euthanasia Process Euthanasia is the act of providing a peaceful passing to a pet in need. This can be due to declining health, sudden severe illness or even behavioral disorders such as aggression. This is often a topic we shy away from or don’t think to discuss until we are faced with making this [...]

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