Dr. Michelle Woodward has lived and worked in Louisiana for 11 years following graduation from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. Dr. Woodward completed a one-year internship in equine medicine and surgery at LSU. She then obtained a Master’s degree at LSU while finishing a 3-year dermatology residency under her mentor, Dr. Sandra Merchant. Since then, Dr. Woodward has worked in both academia and private practice in Louisiana.

Dr. Woodward has interests in allergies, immune-mediated diseases, otitis, and infectious diseases. She is experienced in the management of resistant bacterial infections, ear infections that recur, and itchy dogs and cats. She is also trained in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In addition to lecturing at veterinary meetings and conferences, Dr. Woodward is also a published author of research studies and case reports in the field of veterinary dermatology.

Dr. Woodward loves working closely with her patients (and their people!) to improve their skin diseases and quality of life. In her free time, Michelle likes baking, trying to keep plants alive, and spending time with her husband, two children and dachshund.