What would I do other than veterinary medicine you ask? Not a darn thing! When I turned 16 those words came across the dinner table – “Time to find a job son.” Thinking I might be interested in working with animals, I worked at a veterinary clinic and was instantly drawn to the profession! From that point on, my path to veterinary medicine has been nothing short of an adventure.

Growing up in West Monroe, my family always had dogs. Whether they wandered up to the house or we picked them up off the road, we loved them all the same! Always being outside and catching just about anything that crawled, flew, swam, or slithered was a sure-fire way to keep me entertained.

While obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Animal Science at Louisiana Tech, I got my first chocolate lab, Chevie. We have enjoyed many hunting trips together! After completing my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at LSU, I got my next pup (and certified knucklehead) Bo. You simply can’t keep him out of trouble!

There is no doubt that my love for people, and love for their pets is what attracts me to veterinary medicine. I know my pets play a significant part in my life and waking up every day with the opportunity to create a positive impact in my community by strengthening the bond between a person and their pet truly keeps me energetic! It is something I will never take for granted, and something I consider to be a real blessing in my life. Being a part of the UVH team enables me to do just that: genuinely care for people and their pets!

Outside of veterinary medicine, I love serving on mission trips, spending quality time with my family, weightlifting, competing in triathlons, and spending time in the woods/on a lake!