My passion for being a veterinarian comes not only from my love of working with animals but my desire to teach people more about their pets health and well being. I believe the educational aspect of the veterinary profession to be the most important, and having the knowledge to help people understand their animals better, to control and most vitally prevent sickness and discomfort, is a privilege.

After working as a veterinarian in the United Kingdom, I want to be able to apply my alterative experiences in the veterinary profession to my work at UVH, potentially even introducing different approaches to medicine and surgery. After getting to know members of staff at UVH in the past and meeting some of the Shreveport community, I am hoping my bubbly personality will help me fit into such a welcoming environment and allow me to build strong relationships with my clients and peers, much like the ones I left behind in the UK.

Outside of work, you can either find me at the gym, where I like to blow off steam, particularly after a busy day, or spending my time kayaking on some of the local lakes when I get the chance! Aside from that I enjoy drawing, painting, cooking, watching movies or spending time with my cat Janet.