Dr. Jennifer Martinson was inspired to a career in rehabilitation after her own experience with rehab from a hand injury. She began to think deeply about how to improve the healing process and devoted her professional life to its study. Already a gifted student – having graduated cum laude from Texas A&M – she completed her certifications at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Martinson’s passion for rehab is palpable. She established UVH SMART – Sports Medicine and Rehab Therapy and cannot wait to share her knowledge with the community. Dr. Jennifer coined up a wonderful saying “Medicine adds days to life, Rehab adds life to days” and there is not a stage in a pet’s life where therapy cannot be used.

When not at UVH, you can find Dr. Martinson at a local CrossFit gym, training her two dogs, Sugar and Hashtag, at the Red River Obedience Club, or running as wonder women in half-marathons or triathlons with her twin brother on the weekends.