Sierra Pollock

Dr. Pollock was born and raised in Virginia, where here love for animals blossomed at an early age. The love and bond she shared with pets and animals only grew, and she felt destined for a life in veterinary medicine where she could help animals and animal lovers every single day. She was drawn to [...]

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Shannon Jarrell

Thanks to a lifelong love of science and medicine, including a passion for acupuncture and Eastern medicine, Dr. Shannon Jarrell strives to create an integrative approach to patient health. “Each day brings a new variety of cases. I was drawn to the UVH vision to provide the best medicine available for patients, which we present [...]

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Alisha Spivey

Dr. Spivey is a native of northwest Louisiana and is delighted to have moved back home to practice at UVH. She graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2007, receiving awards for proficiency in small animal internal medicine and dermatology. Dr. Spivey was also the first recipient of the Critical Care Award [...]

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Todd Smith

Since I was young I have had a passion for animals. I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a career caring for pets. I have found that the animals I care for are much more than a dog or cat. They are constant companions and are a major part of a person’s [...]

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Ben Gregorio

What unique perspective do you bring to UVH? I plan to bring an energetic and positive attitude to UVH, with a team based approach to all problems that will provide the best medicine to all of our patients. An essential part of this is proper communication among all involved, including the owner of the patient [...]

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Pierce Durov

My passion for being a veterinarian comes not only from my love of working with animals but my desire to teach people more about their pets health and well being. I believe the educational aspect of the veterinary profession to be the most important, and having the knowledge to help people understand their animals better, [...]

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Chris Barlow

Growing up in rural North Louisiana, I developed a love for animals as a child.  I now share that love with my wife Kerri and my three children, Mallory, Zane, and Madelynn.  As a veterinarian, my goals and responsibilities include providing pets with the medical care needed to enjoy a long and happy life with [...]

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Erin Smith

I have always known I have wanted to be a vet. I have never wanted to do anything else! My first pet was even a pet toad I kept in a pot! Several years ago, my family started a farming business. We now raise sheep and cattle outside of Shreveport. I love to help out [...]

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Megan Ricord

Dr. Megan Ricord, a native of Shreveport Louisiana, attended Louisiana State University where she received her bachelors in Animal Science in 2018. She then went on to earn her DVM from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in 2021 where she graduated in the top 10 of her class and with the Dr. Rickey Broussard [...]

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Kohl Brandon

What would I do other than veterinary medicine you ask? Not a darn thing! When I turned 16 those words came across the dinner table – “Time to find a job son.” Thinking I might be interested in working with animals, I worked at a veterinary clinic and was instantly drawn to the profession! From [...]

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