Don’t worry my GI system is just fine! I just thought it would be funny to post a picture of me in this weird box that all of my amazing workers use… It is so odd..they go in and out – I can not figure it out… oh well!

So as you can tell, not much happened over at ProjectUVH the last 4 weeks…until this past week! The rains really stopped work on the foundation. It was a mud pit!! But boy oh boy – this past week we worked soo hard… even did a 14 hour day , pumped the water out with a massive pump. We changed to a new dirt pit that could bring us the dirt – soil tested and great results. I am super proud of my workers!

I absolutely love my job! BUT I love running the dirt even more!! Concrete is coming sooner than later and I am pretty sure I’ll be marking the foundation with my paw prints. I practiced in the mud today…pretty nice! I also have a few blessed St. Francis medallions that my mom and dad suggested we place in the concrete to have a strong foundation in concrete and blessing. WOW! Now that is special!

So far the most common response to my project is – that it is big! Yes, it is. But more importantly it is needed. I am not just building to build some fancy place…I am building an amazing hospital and boarding place, one that NWLA deserves. One that my little buddies can come and seek care and play. Now if they just would have let me keep the mud pit – that would have been some kind of day care! Would have had to have the firemen come bring their hose to clean off our paws.

Im back in the game and the building is coming along. The tricky part is picking out colors – brick, plaster, roof…but super fun! Thank you all for your encouragement and cheerleading!

See you later…Gator!!