Zoey Starts Physiotherapy @ UVH

Zoey Girl and Her Rehab… Part 5 Zoey’s physical rehabilitation will include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and Cold Laser treatment to speed and enhance recovery from her osteoarthritis in her hips. This multimodal approach will allow Zoey to have optimal pain relief while increasing her muscle mass and improving her range of motion. Her manual [...]

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Dirty Mouth…Clean it up…Then KEEP it Healthy!!

UVHvets prides itself on progressive and preventative medicine…and our approach to oral health for your pets is all about HOME CARE!! Yes, we know that you know that you should brush your pets teeth daily… But, did you know that we know that it is hard to do… Nothing will replace as needed professional cleanings. [...]

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Zoey starts Rehabilitation @ UVH!!

Zoey Part Four… Zoey Starts Rehabilitation!! A major necessity to a successful recovery! Zoey is staring physical therapy program that is going to include cold laser treatments and treadmill workouts. Her first day of rehabilitation involves evaluation her orthopedic parameters. This includes how she walks, range of motion of her joints, and the amount of [...]

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