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All Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed Veterinarian.


DHPP – every 3 year
Lepto – every 1 year
Rabies – every 1 year
Canine Influenza – every 1 year
Bordetella – every 6 months


FVRCP – every 3 years
Feline Leukemia – every 1 year
Rabies – every 1 year

All Animals… Negative IPS (intestinal parasite fecal screen) within six months of boarding (we can always run one at check in if necessary as well as updating any required vaccinations)!

Flea Prevention…We also require verification that all pets are on flea prevention. If not on an approved UVHvets prevention, a Capstar tablet will be administered at check in.


Unleash Wellness

We’re serious about your dog’s wellness. During their stay, they will have access to our full suite of veterinary services. So if your dog needs wellness services, exams, vaccinations, dental care, or just about anything else – know they are in phenomenal hands.