Dirty Mouth…Clean it up…Then KEEP it Healthy!!

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UVHvets prides itself on progressive and preventative medicine…and our approach to oral health for your pets is all about HOME CARE!! Yes, we know that you know that you should brush your pets teeth daily… But, did you know that we know that it is hard to do… Nothing will replace as needed professional cleanings. [...]

My Pet is Allergic to Food???

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Food Allergies are a real thing and often overlooked and under treated… What are the signs of a food allergy in dogs and cats? In people food allergy commonly is associated with gastrointestinal upset. This is uncommon in our pets and only about 10-15% will have GI signs with an allergy GI signs: Frequent bowel [...]

The Cottage @ UVH…

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Hey there friends…I am sorry about my lack of writing lately…but my paws are really tired! Project UVH is still my main focus and we are in the process of site work and making sure we get things right below the concrete! Super pumped about Project UVH and seeing more happening in the next few [...]

Heat Strokes and your Pets!

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What is Heat Stroke? Very high body temperature usually secondary to prolonged exposure to heat/humidity causing shock and organ dysfunction. This can also occur secondary to strenuous exercise in warmer weather. Dogs do not sweat like humans do, they have a more limited capacity to cool off. They sweat through their nose (panting) and footpads. [...]