Bunny Bunny…I want a Bunny!!

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How long do rabbits live? 8-12 years with good care. What do rabbits eat? Unlike Dogs and cats buying a bag of rabbit food is not providing a healthy diet. Diet is extremely important to keep a rabbit healthy and happy. A balanced diet should be composed of the following: 75% Timothy hay available at [...]

My Pet is Allergic to Food???

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Food Allergies are a real thing and often overlooked and under treated… What are the signs of a food allergy in dogs and cats? In people food allergy commonly is associated with gastrointestinal upset. This is uncommon in our pets and only about 10-15% will have GI signs with an allergy GI signs: Frequent bowel [...]

Keep your pet healthy and out of the vet’s office

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A comprehensive pet exam can keep your pet out of the vet’s office. That includes some preventative blood work and urinalysis. Stefanie Bryant sat down with Dr. Adam Foret a veterinarian at the University Veterinary Hospital to discuss some of these preventative measures.