17 – 48… What do you think that means??

Gator man here – How has your week been? Mine has been awesome!!

What happened to my dirt pile in front?? Yeah – that’s right! Parking lot!!

I got a new ball! (representing my place…UVH)

Over the years of working at the current UVH, we have heard from many of you that we don’t have enough parking. Man have you been right! Good news… I am working on the first phase of our new parking lot.

Going from 17 to about 48 spots!!! WAHOO!!


a wider entrance so two cars can be in that enter/exit location,


we will eventually find a better place for our mail box,


we will have handicap parking,


we will have a spot reserved for “just picking something up”


we hope to have a “drop off” spot for the regular dogs attending day care that you don’t even have to get out of the car!

On the other end of the site we are working on dirt work (my favorite). The mobile office and fence area will be gone today or tomorrow and we will finally start working on the AWESOME outdoor dog area!! I can not wait for my buddies to come play with me everyday!

See you later- Gator!

first layer of aggregate for the main parking lot…

King of the Hill!!

Just checking out this dirt…

Looking North in the future K9 grassed dog play yard – good bye to the temp fence and the “office” trailer we have used for 5 years.


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